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A farm with a mission
Harvest Fields Organic Farm is a certified organic farm located on the campus of Fresno Adventist Academy, in southeast Fresno. Our acreage is split among four acres of navel oranges, eight acres of field-grown fruits and vegetables, four greenhouses, and a very happy flock of 130 pasture-fed chickens with sheep on the way.

We started the farm in January 2014 because we believe that the best education you can give young people is a hands on, practical one. We are a non-profit organization partnering with the K-12 school here to provide the opportunity for children to learn math, science and especially work ethic outside in the fresh air. Along with providing a powerful tool for education, it is our earnest motive to provide nutritious organic produce at a reasonable cost to the community.  

Over the past few generations people have generally become more and more disconnected from their food and how it’s grown. To help you become a bit more connected, let’s start with getting to know your farmers.

Besides the help we get from the students and volunteers, the farm is run by 6 dedicated individuals.

David Obermiller

Farm Director, 
In David’s profession as a teacher, he came to the realization that growing food was one of the best tools for growing people.  He left his career as a teacher to learn farming and has now begun his dream of integrating agriculture and education. He deals with all the administrative aspects of the farm, including the planning, purchasing and tractor work.

Get In Touch.

If you are interested in what we do, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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