As you know, Harvest Fields is a unique farm because it is on a school campus. Our goal as a farm is not just to provide fresh organic food for the community, but unique learning opportunities for young people. Education is particularly why we are here.

We are excited that school is starting in a week. It will be fun to see all the energetic, curious kids again and integrate them with the farm activities.

Since Timothy left, I (Hope) will now be teaching the elementary classes. I’m looking forward to one of the first classes where we will walk around the farm and identify the parts of a plant and distinguish between dicot and monocots! I am also planning on having a taste test for each class along with a nutrition nugget. For the first class, I will let them taste a stalk of celery that has been in salt water and a stalk of celery that has been in sugar water. They will see how the stems drink in nutrients.

If you have kids, or pack your spouse’s lunches, here are a few fruity notes you can put in their lunches to brighten their day. To see more, visit this website:

Before our gardening seminar on September 17, we would like to paint the inside of the barn. This will make it more esthetically pleasing which will create a better learning environment for more events and educational workshops.  We will need a big crew to help make it happen. If this is something you would be willing to donate towards or give of your time and energy, let me know! (Hope: 520-404-3739) Date still to be determined.

HAPPY UPDATE: David plugged a few spots where ants were coming in the cooler so we think we have the ant problem under control!!! J